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To report please contact us through the below channels:

  1. Phone: +966 12 6901199, Ext. 827
  2. Fax: +966 12 690 1377
  3. Email:
  4. Mail: Jeddah 23423-3791
  5. In person: Whistleblowing Unit Office
  6. Submit Online Information

It is a top priority for ATC to comply with Saudi Central Bank, regulations and internal regulation. Because only if regulation and standards are complied with can we avert damage to our company, employees and business partner. wrongdoing therefore need to be identified, addressed and immediately halted.

The Whistle blowing Unit will not reveal your name towards a third party unless you as Whistle blower expressly agrees to the disclose of your name, in case you prefer to not disclose your identity to us , you can enter into dialogue with us without disclosing your identity.


Would you like to provide your name?

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