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Reactivation of your contract for your own program

Offer Reactivating validity of Takaful policies for AlAhli Education, AlAhli Marriage and AlAhli Retirement Plans, and avail Protection and Saving benefits by waiving off all previously due contributions and fees.
Mechanism of Action

AlAhli Takaful Company will contact the Policyholder to verify the following:

  • The program benefits;
  • The personal information;
  • The health condition
  • The confirmation of the Policyholder on the reactivation and the payment of the due contribution within 30 days
  • After that, AlAhli Takaful Company will reactivate the Policy and notify through email and SMS.
  • The offer is applicable any of the following plans: Retirement Plan , Children Education Plan and Children Marriage Plan;
  • The Policyholder Declares No change in Health Status, as compared to what was confirmed at the original/initial contract issuance date;
  • All previously unpaid due contributions are waived, while the participant commitment to pay the following due contributions according to the General Terms and Conditions of the Policy.
  • No additional charges shall be applied for reactivating policy.
  • Contract is reactivated for the same participant’s and policy information, as was originally selected at the time of contract issuance without any change, noting that any change in the customer’s information and or policy benefits can be submitted by the Participant using the specified form only after the company approves the process of reactivating policy.
  • Updating and completing all necessary and incomplete information i.e. (National Address, Personal Information and Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance “FATCA”)
  • Payment of next due contribution within 30 days.
  • The Protection Benefit and policy re-instatement shall begin only, after the participant consent to reactivate the Policy, completes the documents (If Applicable) and pays the next due contribution.
  • Contract shall be reactivated to maturity date, as indicated in the policy at the time of issued.
  • In case the Company approves the Reactivation of the policy, Company shall send a formal endorsement along with a copy of originally issued General Terms and Conditions to policyholder through his/her registered e-mail at the time policy was issued.
  • All other Terms and Conditions are applicable.
Documents Not Applicable


For more information, contact us through:

Call Center: 9200 11 282
E-mail us :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the reactivation offer?

ATC is pleased to offer you an excellent opportunity to reactivation your contract with ATC and get a waiver of all previously missed premiums amounting to SAR XXXX, in addition get a complete waiver of all due fees and charges amount to SAR YYYY.

What do I need to do to avail this offer?

You just need to confirm certain personal and contract details (e.g. health status) over the phone with an ATC Telesales agent. By confirming your agreement to reactivate and by paying the current period’s due premium, you contract will be reactivated.

How and when would I get to know that my contract has been reactivated?

Post you confirmation and collection of current period’s due premium, ATC shall reactivate your contract and notify you through email, SMS and shall also send you a formal contractual endorsement confirming your contract’s reactivation.

What if my contract details are now changed compared to when the contract was issued?

For any changes to your contract information (personal, health condition), ATC Telesales Agent shall request you to fill up some specific servicing/ information update form before your contract could be evaluated/processed for reactivation.

How many days would I have to pay the current period’s due premium?

Once your reactivation request is processed by ATC, ATC shall collect the due premium automatically from your NCB account number mentioned for collection under your contract. In case of non-collection of premium within 30 days (Grace Period for Collection) from your current due date, your reactivation request will be declined and your contract will be marked as cancelled as it was before.

Am I covered during the payment grace period of 30 days?

No, the reactivation offer is subject to payment of current period’s due premium. In case the premium is not paid due to any reason, your contract will remain cancelled without any coverage.

Why I am being asked for additional documents/information for reactivation of my contract?

Since your contract was issued in previous years, there might be certain documents/information required by or mandated by authorities post your contract issuance date, which now ATC must collect before reactivating your contract.

What if I want to change (increase/decrease) my premium or term?

Once your contract has been successfully reactivated, you may contact ATC call centre to request for required changes in your contact premium/term.

Can I cancel my contract once it has been reactivated?

Once your contract has been successfully reactivated, all policy options as per general terms and conditions of your contract shall be fully available to you e.g. Option to Partially or Fully Surrender you contract at any time.

Why I am being asked to reconfirm my health status and/or height/weight?

You provided certain health related information/question at the time of issuance of your contract. The reactivation of your contract offer is subject to “no change” in your original health information provided earlier. In case your health status/details have changed since your contract was issued, you would be advised to fill up a detailed health questionnaire for ATC’s review and confirmation before you could be entitled for reactivation offer.

Instead of reactivating my old contract, can I buy a fresh/new contract from ATC?

You can buy a new/fresh contract from ATC at any time however, this would require you to go through the detailed process of acquiring the contract by providing all information and documents all over again. Plus, all new contracts would be subject to payment of all due fees and charges.

Can I change my beneficiary before I reactivate my contract?

Yes. You would need to fill up an alteration form and send it to ATC. We will ensure to update the beneficiary information before reactivating your contract.

I need more time to think about this reactivation offer?

The reactivation offer is for a limited time period only therefore; you are advised to confirm your agreement within few days. As long as the reactivation offer is active/valid, you may call ATC call centre at a later time to get your contract reactivated.

I lost my General Terms and Conditions, Can I get a copy before/after reactivation?

Yes. Just ask the ATC agent to send you a copy of your GTC on your registered email address.

Why I am being asked to reconfirm my email ID?

A valid and verified email ID is required to confirm your reactivation of contract and send you your contract endorsement for reactivation.

My NCB Account Number has changed, what shall I do?

Please visit your nearest bank branch to fill up an alteration form verified by NCB Branch and send it to ATC. We shall update your account number before reactivating your contract.

I do not have an active NCB account anymore; can I still avail the reactivation offer?

Unfortunately, you are not entitled for this reactivation offer until and unless you have an active NCB account. Your contract premium collection is linked to automatic collection from your NCB account marked for deduction at the time of your contract issuance. In order to avail this reactivation, offer, you would have to either reactivate your NCB account or open up a new one.

How can I make up with my savings for the lost period of contract?

Once your contract has been reactivated, you can either pay lump sum (one time) contribution into your policy to jack up your savings (cash value) or you can opt to increase the term of your contract so you could end up with your initially intended targeted savings at maturity of your contract.

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