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A Shari’ah compliant regular Contribution payment plan designed to help you save to meet the costs of your children’s future wedding costs. A built-in waiver will ensure the payment of all contributions following death of the policy holder God forbid.

Your Contributions to the plan will be utilized as follows: a small portion, the Mortality Charge, is deducted which pays the Coverage Benefit, in this plan means all the due Contributions from date of death until the selected Maturity Date stated;

The balance, after deducting any applicable fees and/ or charges is paid into your Savings Account and is invested in your selected investment strategy/ ies. The value of the Savings Account at Maturity will be paid at that date.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The AlAhli Marriage Plan is fully Shari’ah compliant and is approved by the Shari’ah Committee of AlAhli Takaful Company.
  • Your contribution allows you to invest your money in a one of our Shari’ah compliant investment strategies offered in conjunction with our affiliate NCB Capital to meet your investment objectives without the requirements of a minimum subscription investment amount;
  • The plan is available to individuals aged between Eighteen (18) and Sixty (60) years and Maturity of the plan up to a maximum age of Seventy year (70).
  • Upon reaching the agreed Maturity Date, the value of the Saving Benefits at that date becomes payable. The benefits will be paid in one lump sum.
  • In the event of death of the Policyholder (God forbid) prior to the Maturity Date, ATC will pay all future Contribution due, from date of death up to the agreed Maturity Date to ensure the cash amount is available for payment to the Beneficiary.

Illustration of AlAhli Marriage Plan

Abeer, a 32-year old women, selects a Marriage Plan for her 9-year old son for a term of 10 years who might at age 19 years require the cash to pay the costs of his wedding. Let’s assume, the gross Contribution to his plan was SR 1,500 per month.

Assuming at the time of maturity the Cash Value accrued (cash value of the units at that time based on gross return of 5%) is SR 195,013.15, and the benefit will be paid in full in one lump sum.

Should Abdullah pass away (God forbid) during the policy term, the Company will pay all the remaining Contributions due from date of death up to the agreed Maturity Date.

Additional Features, Options and Notes

  • Partial Withdrawals – for emergency cash
  • Surrender – at any time prior to Maturity
  • Paid-Up – Cash Value participates in fund, no Cover during this time
  • Switching – can switch units between funds
  • Redirect – new Contributions to a different fund
  • Deferral – upon request, a “payment holiday” of maximum 12 months. Full benefits are applicable during this time
  • Reinstatement – can request reinstatement for up to 12 months from date of lapse/ termination (for whatever reason)
  • Non-Forfeiture – To avoid losing your benefits in case of non-payment the plan allows for collection of charges from the Cash Value for as long as it is sufficient to pay at least one-month’s policy charges.
  • The investment performance of the funds is not guaranteed, and neither is past performance a guarantee of future returns.
  • These funds can increase or decrease as they are linked to the market performance.
  • Due to the fees and charges included in the initial stages of the policy, the cash value upon early surrender may be less than the actual contributions paid to that date
  • Failure to pay contributions on time may cause the policy to be terminated without any payout.

To obtain more information or apply for this program you may contact us on:
Customer Care: 920011282 or
e-mail: or
Visit any NCB Branch Kingdom-wide and speak to our trained sales staff.

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