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AlAhli Ladies Plan

Being a woman who is working her way up the ladder of a successful future and aiming at achieving her goals and ambitions, and knowing that security cannot be achieved through wishful thinking, you might overlook your need for an insurance that covers any unforeseen illness (god forbid) that may be an obstacle to your goals.

For that reason, we have specially designed AlAhli Ladies plan to help you achieve your future financial goals. This is possible through saving and investing in AlAhli’s Sharia compliant investment funds to provide you with an insurance coverage against the risk of malignant tumors (god forbid) that are most prevalent among women. Our insurance coverage can reach up to SR 200,000.

 Benefits of the Plan:

• Designed carefully to cover women aged between 18 and 64.

• Features a saving scheme by investing in the following multi asset investment funds offered by AlAhli capital:

1- Alahli multi-asset fund  (conservative)

2- Alahli multi-asset fund  (balanced)

3- Alahli multi-asset fund  (growth)

• Coverage of cancer treatment: applicable coverage depends on the first diagnosis of cancer, which is subject to a waiting period of 90 days from the effective date of the coverage. The coverage amount will be disbursed 30 days after the first diagnosis, knowing that no cancer treatment benefits will be provided if the subscriber had cancer prior to enrolling in the plan.

• Participants will receive a maximum of  SR 200,000 if they are diagnosed with any of the cancer types set forth in this plan.

• Highly flexible subscription method: you can choose between monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual subscriptions.

• The plan offers the ability to terminate the contract within a 21-day grace period.

Additional Benefits Upon Subscription:

1- Ability to add more beneficiaries to the contract.

2- Ability to upgrade or downgrade subscription.

3- Ability to defer payment of subscription amount.

4- Ability to perform several partial cash withdrawals upon need.

5- Ability to change/redirect your subscription from one investment strategy to another.

Covered Types of Cancer:

1- Breast Cancer.

2- Colorectal Cancer.

3- Cervical Cancer including ovaries, fallopian tubes and cervix.

4- Genito-Urinary Cancer including uterine bladder or urethra and kidney cancers.

Plan Fees:

Registration fees/ SR 592,50

Subscription fees/ 2% of total subscriptions for a maximum of 15 years

Protection fees/ To be calculated according to the age of the subscriber, protection benefit and underwriting rules

Administrative fees/  SR 35 or 0.075% of the investment amount

Investment management fees/ 1%: Conservative multi-asset fund

1.25%: Balanced multi-asset fund

1.50%: Growth multi-asset fund

Termination fees/ 1st year: 18% + SR 257

2nd year: 15% + SR 257

3rd year: 12% + SR 257

4th year and beyond: SR 257 (fixed)

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