You can also submit your complaint or comment by:

  1. Submitting the complaint through Takaful Online
  2. Submitting the complaint through AlAhli Takaful Mobile
  3. By calling AlAhli Takaful Call Center Number 920011282
  4. Submitting the complaint through NCB Branches
  5. Sending an email to
  6. Submitting the complaint by Fax No. +96612 690 1377

If we cannot solve your complaint or reply to your comment immediately, we shall send you a time line and follow up number (please keep it) as we shall be contacting  you within a maximum of 14 days.

If you are not satisfied by the provided solution; please call +96612 6901199 Ext. 652  and ask for the "re-opening of the request" using the same previously provided number in order to escalate it to "Customer Service Manager".